racist jew jokes

Racist Jew Jokes

A Jew man said to his children: anyone who will not eat dinner will get a Dollar.

None of the children had dinner, so he gave each one a Dollar. They hid their Dollars under their pillows.

After all his children slept, he went to their rooms and took the Dollars from under the pillows.

Next morning he told them: anyone who doesn’t have his Dollar will not have breakfast.

auditor jokes

Auditor Jokes

An auditor took his son to the super market. The boy looked at the chocolates on shelf and said to his father: dad, I love these chocolates.

The auditor told his son: take one, kiss it then return it on the shelf.

Italian Jokes

Italian Jokes


Four friends, American, Italian, French and German agreed that when anyone of them dies, the others should throw a thousand Dollars inside his grave.

The French man died. His friends gathered at his funeral. The American threw a thousand Dollars; the German also threw a thousand Dollars. The Italian, who was also Jew, threw a check for three thousand Dollars and took the two thousand Dollars.

afghan jokes

Afghan Jokes

An afghan man opened the refrigerator and there was jelly inside a bowl so it started shaking. The afghan looked at the jelly and said: don’t get scared. I will only drink some water.

egyptian jokes

Egyptian jokes


An Egyptian police man passed by a cafe and asked the men there: all those who fear their wives should come with me now. All men stood and walked with the police man except one man.

The police man shouted at him: so you don’t fear your wife? Why didn’t you come with us?

The Egyptian man: my wife asked me not to leave the cafe until she comes back.

husband wife nonveg jokes

husband wife nonveg jokes

A nonveg Indian was sitting watching T.V. His wife came and slapped him.

Husband: why did you slap me?

Wife: I found this piece of paper in your jacket with a name of Jackie. Who is Jackie?

Husband: it is the name of the horse I cheer for in the race.

After five minutes the husband’s mobile rang. His wife took the mobile read the name of the caller and gave it to him saying: your horse is calling.

funny Irish jokes

funny Irish jokes

A stupid Irish man hit his head on the house gate. The doctor gave him cream and told him to massage the place of injury.

The Irish man went home and started to rub the gate with the cream.

black people jokes

black people jokes


A black bride drank so much on her wedding night. When she and her husband went back home, she told him: I will stay here because I can’t go driver back home being drunk.

Anniversary Jokes

Anniversary Jokes

Wife: “I saw in a dream that in our anniversary you will give me a very valuable thing. What is the meaning of this dream?

Husband: “you’ll know in our anniversary day.

On the anniversary day her husband gave her a present. She opened it and it was the book: “The Interpretation of Dreams.”