Stupid Office Jokes

Stupid Office Jokes A stupid man called his friend at his office. A: Hello, is this Ben? B: No, it is not Ben. This is Danny. A: why did you reply when you are not Ben?
Dirty Fat Jokes

Dirty Fat Jokes A: do you love fat girls? B: yes, I do. A: why? B: they make me warm in winter and make me shade in summer.
Irish Racist Jokes

Irish Racist Jokes Two drunken Irish men were talking. A: what do you want to be in the future? B: the President of the United States of America. A: are you crazy? B: is it a must to be?
Kiwi Jokes

Kiwi Jokes A New Zealander teacher entered the class. Teacher: if anyone in this class thinks he is stupid, he should stand up. One of the students stood up. Teacher: are you stupid? Student: no, sir. Teacher: so why did…
Amharic Jokes

Amharic Jokes An Ethiopian couple adapted a Chinese infant. Next day they started learning Chinese language, so when the child grows up and speaks to them they can what he says.
Ghetto Jokes

Ghetto Jokes A Ghetto was stalking to his friend and started bragging. Ghetto: You don’t know me. In the past women used to run after me. Friend: What about now? Ghetto: I quit robbing women briefcases.
retirement jokes for teachers

Retirement jokes for teachers   Here is why an art teacher retired. Teacher: I want all the class to draw a donkey from your memories without copying from anywhere. Student: please teacher, leave the classroom so no one can cheat.  
Arabic Jokes

Arabic Jokes Two teachers were talking about the increase of cost of living and prices. They passed by a class when the math teacher asked a student: how much is 6×3? Student replied: 24. One of the two teachers looked…
Black Jew jokes

Black Jew jokes A black Jew was caught robbing a store. Judge: do you want to say anything before I announce the sentence? Black Jew: I want to stress the fact that the store items were on sale, so you…
offensive jewish jokes

offensive jewish jokes A Jewish girl worked as a babysitter. While she was in one of the houses, the mother came back earlier, say her sitting watching T.V. and drinking. The Mother: What are you doing? Jew Girl: watching Star…